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19 2022/ 07
Bouffalo Lab Joins Google Matter EAP
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Google is heavily investing in Matter as the new standard for smart home integrations. Google is integrating the Matter protocol across its first party devices to deliver seamless setup and ubiquitous control of Matter devices across the smart home ecosystem.

Bouffalo Lab is a worldwide leading AIoT & Edge computing SoC supplier, providing IoT products  (WiFi/BLE/Zigbee/Thread) and AIoT products (WiFi/BT/Zigbee based voice control and video processing). As an early member of Matter, Bouffalo Lab has already released a total solution for Matter, including Matter devices (both WiFi Matter and Thread Matter), Matter Bridges and Matter Border Routers.

Google is at the forefront of Matter development efforts. Bouffalo Lab is partnering with Google to strengthen Matter capability.

Bouffalo Lab has recently joined Googles Matter EAP (, where Google is collaborating with a small group of smart home ecosystem partners to develop first and featured experiences on Matter. As part of this Early Access Program (EAP), Bouffalo Lab will gain access to Google SDKs, Matter development tools, and an opportunity to influence Google product roadmap. 



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