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26 2022/ 08
Introduction to Bouffalolab Matter Development
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Bouffalolab Helps Matter Development

Matter is an application layer connectivity protocol launched by the CSA Connectivity Standards Alliance. With a wide range of wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi / Thread / BLE / Zigbee, Bouffalolab has been involved in the development of the Matter ecosystem since its inception and will continue to do so, supporting the development of the Matter ecosystem from a chip solution perspective.

At the beginning of 2022, Bouffalolab was presenting at 2022 CES with a complete Matter solution. For more information, please visit:

Bouffalolab has partnered with Google on Matter. For more information, please visit

Today we will start with the Wi-Fi Matter based the Bouffalolab BL602 chip.

Wi-Fi Matter Based on BL602

Bouffalolab BL602 has been integrated into the official Matter GitHub repository and supports the lighting-app example in Matter Example. Developers can refer to the BL602 README in GitHub to compile, download and run.


1.     BL602 connected to a laptop to demonstrate Matter

 In the diagram below, the laptop is used as Matter Controller and the BL602 as the Matter Lighting device. When first used, BL602 needs to be BLE paired through the Matter Controller. After the BL602 has successfully joined the WLAN, Matter Controller will run operations such as Fabric Configuration and then the LEDs on the BL602 development board can be controlled by standard Matter commands.


2.     BL602 connected with Google Speaker and an Android cell phone to demonstrate Matter

 If developers have a Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen and an Android device with Google Assistant, they can refer to the Google Matter developer page for introductions on how to interact with BL602 via the Google Nest Hub and Android device.

Before first use, the user needs to use Google Home app to BLE pair the BL602. After BL602 joined the WLAN, the user 




3.     BL602 connected to an Apple HomePod mini and an iPhone to demonstrate Matter

 If the developers have HomePod minis and iPhones, they can refer to the introductions in GitHub to interact with the BL602 via HomePod minis and iPhones.

Before first use, the user needs to use the Home app to BLE pair the BL602. After BL602 joined the WLAN, the user can control the LEDs on the BL602 development board using Siri or the Home app on iPhone.



To be continued

we will continue to publish articles about Buffalolab Thread Matter. Please subscribe to the Bouffalolab account for more updates.



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