Chip Introduction

BL616/618 is a Wi-Fi 6+Bluetooth 5.3 (LE)+802.15.4 (Zigbee/Thread) triple chip suitable for ultra-low power applications, with a 32-bit RISC-V CPU with a maximum dominant frequency of 320M and with floating point unit and DSP unit, providing industry-leading wireless and computing performance for Internet of Things applications. In addition, the chip has rich peripheral interfaces, including DVP, MJPEG, Display, Audio Codec, USB2.0, SDU, Ethernet (EMAC), SD/MMC (SDH), SPI, UART, I2C, I2S, PWM, GPDAC, GPADC, ACOMP, etc., which can be applied to multimedia and industrial fields such as audio and video.

  • RISC-V Architecture

    The micro-control system of BL616/BL618 includes a low-power 32-bit RISC-V CPU with floating point unit, DSP unit, cache and memory. The dynamic frequency can be configured from 1MHz to 320MHz. BL616/618 with 532KB SRAM 128KB ROM and 4Kb eFuse, embedded 2/4/8MB Flash (optional) and embedded 4/8MB pSRAM (optional).

  • Ultra-low Power Consumption

    The BL616/BL618 power management unit controls low power consumption mode, supports PDS (Power Down Sleep) and HBN (Hibernate) low power consumption modes, and supports multiple wake-up sources to meet different low power consumption scenarios.

  • Leading RF Performance

    BL616/BL618 integrates 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n/ax), Bluetooth 5.3 (BLE+BT) and IEEE 802.15.4 wireless connection technologies, supports Thread and Zigbee protocols, and can cope with broader application development scenarios. Support BLE's Wi-Fi fast connection, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/802.15.4 coexistence. f Wi-Fi 6, BL616/618 can provide higher transmission efficiency and lower power consumption for Internet of Things devices, with a maximum rate of 229.4 Mbps. Bluetooth LE supports Coded PHY and 2Mbps PHY, which can realize long-distance communication and provide faster communication rate.

  • Strong Security Performance

    BL616/BL618 adopts image encryption and signature startup, supports XIP QSPI On-The-Fly AES decryption (OTFAD), supports TrustZone, AES-CBC/CCM/GCM/XTS mode, MD5, SHA-1/224/256/384/512 algorithm. It provides public key accelerator (PKA) for RSA/ECC, supports large number basic operations, and software provides signature, verification, etc. to meet various security application requirements in the field of the Internet of Things.

  • Support Matter

    The BL616 integrates Wi-Fi 6, Thread 1.3, Bluetooth 5.2 (BR/EDR/LE), which can be used to build Wi-Fi Matter devices and Thread Matter devices, and can also be used to build more complex Matter gateway-type devices, such as Thread border routers, Matter/Zigbee bridges, etc.

Chip application scenarios
  • Low-power Lock (including door lock, safe lock, etc.) (BL616)
  • Low-power Wireless Lighting (BL616)
  • Low-power Remote Control (BL616)
  • Low-power AP Router (BL616)
  • Smart Curtain (BL616)
  • Dash Cam(BL616)
  • Smart Panel (BL618)
  • Intelligent Voice Interaction (BL618)
Basic Parameters
Memory 532KB SRAM, 128KB ROM, 4Kb eFuse and configurable embedded Flash memory and PSRAM
Cache 32K instruction cache and 16K data cache
Safety Function Safe startup and commissioning XIP QSPI On-The-Fly AES decryption (OTFAD) Support RISC-V security zone partition AES-CBC/GCM/XTS mode MD5,SHA-1/224/256/384/512 TRNG (true random number generator) PKA (Public Key Accelerator) for RSA/ECC
Security Hardware TrustZone
Wireless Protocol Support IEEE 802.15.4(Zigbee/Thread) 、Bluetooth ® 5.3 Dual-mode (BT+BLE)、Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ax)
Development Board

BL_IOT_SDK has undergone rigorous application test and has been successfully applied to tens of millions of IoT devices. Based on its mature and clear software architecture, complete API and easy-to-use tools, developers will be easier to build wireless interconnection applications of chips. Using BL_IOT_SDK can help you quickly develop related applications focusing on wireless interconnection, obtain compact code, save development time, and speed up product launch.

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BL_MCU_SDK is rich in content and complete in functions. It has undergone rigorous application testing and has been successfully applied to tens of millions of IoT devices. Based on its mature and clear software architecture, complete API and easy-to-use tools, developers will be easier to build chip applications or port solutions to other platforms. The porting and application work of RTOS / LVGL / TFLite in the SDK also helps developers develop in-depth AIoT applications.

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