Software toolkit focused on wireless connectivity

BL_IOT_SDK has undergone rigorous application testing and has been successfully applied to tens of millions of IoT devices. Based on its mature and clear software architecture, complete API and easy-to-use tools, developers will be easier to build wireless interconnection applications of chips. Using BL_IOT_SDK can help you quickly develop related applications focusing on wireless interconnection, obtain compact code, save development time, and speed up product launch.
  • Quick Start Tutorial

    A quick-start tutorial for the chip is provided, and each step of the process from installing the development environment to obtaining the experimental results is introduced in detail to help developers get started quickly.

  • Comprehensive API

    Provide APIs that support each chip, including the use of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other wireless connections, as well as all peripheral APIs built into the CPU. In addition, protocol, storage, and system-level APIs are provided. The complete API documentation can simplify the development and help developers improve development efficiency.

  • Complete component library

    Chip-related component libraries are provided, including file systems, device trees, log components, etc. These component libraries detailed descriptions and use cases to ensure the in-depth development of chips.

  • Constantly updated QA content

    Provide continuously updated QA content for developers to read, help developers shorten the time to solve problems, and improve development efficiency.

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