• Smart video door lock

    Bouffalo Lab smart door lock solution makes full use of the wireless full-featured attributes and low power consumption of Boliu chips to provide support for diverse scenarios, making door locks a medium for indoor and outdoor communication and a control platform for remote management of homes. When the courier arrives at the door and the stranger visits, the user can talk to him indoors through the visual device without opening the door; with the PIR human sensor and the artificial intelligence human detection model, it can judge that someone is wandering outside the door and activate the corresponding safety measures; The lock function can prevent pets and children from accidentally opening the door; the travel mode for family outings can remotely monitor the situation in front of the door; it supports a variety of door opening methods, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting your keys when you go out; the office scene can be combined with the needs of employees to punch in, and the door can be opened and closed. Punching cards to and from get off work; long battery life and low battery reminders make users more worry-free... The powerful computing power of Boliu chips, multi-mode integrated wireless communication capabilities and ultra-low power consumption provide smart door lock solutions with better performance. More possibilities, waiting for you to discover!

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